Departure every day:



Adults: 150kn
Children 4-11 years: 75kn
Children 0-3 years: Free

One of the best ways to experience Brijuni National Park and its archipelago is our panorama boat excursion. As a welcome to our boat excursion the guests will be offered a refreshing beverage.

First we take a slow panoramic sail toward the famous Veli Brijun Island. Veli Brijun is the biggest island of Brijuni National Park. We are coming close to the island. Boat is going very slow so you can enjoy taking pictures and enjoy in beautiful nature Brijuni National Park offers. 

About the tour

Panorama boat excursion with Glass boat Igor departs every day at 10:30, 12:30 and 14:30.

First 10 minutes we are sailing towards Veli Brijun island. When we get close to it we go slowly so you can take pictures of the main island of Brijuni National Park. Close by is also magnificent Mali Brijuni Island.
300m of the coast of the islands is forbidden fishing so our passengers enjoy watching the fishes and clear underwater world of Brijuni National Park.
The tourist guide explains everything about the islands.
When we have seen the islands we go towards island Sveti Jerolim where we have a pause for swimming and there is a big attraction where all the children (and adults) have an option to feed the fishes.

Then we stop on Sv. Jerolim island where people can enjoy in beautiful nature, sea and free time.
Staying on the island Sveti Jerolim is not obligated. People can choose to stay for 2 or 3 hours on the island, depending of the departure they choose.
If some people don’t want to stay on the island they wait on the boat for a few minutes and the boat comes back to Fazana.

*Sveti Jerolim island is a part of National Park Brijuni. All visitors will be charged a small entry fee but they can use showers and toilets. There is also a restaurant.
Find out more about Sveti Jerolim island here

Fažana is a place of long-standing fishing tradition, a homely atmosphere that they live on their own, and visitors are provided by hospitable residents. The former factory for processing and canning sardines has left its mark in the culinary world, so the locals know how to prepare it in a hundred ways, and even today they celebrate its value with the folk “Sardine Festival” every year in August.
Many famous people, such as Thomas Mann, Indira Ghandi, Queen Elizabeth II, Naomi Campbell, Placido Domingo and many others, walked along the long Fažana promenade by the sea. Today’s lungo mare with numerous restaurants, customized beaches, the liveliness of the fishing port, the typical Mediterranean landscape, vineyards, olive groves and fruit plantations, and the proximity of the Brijuni National Park, adorned with the attributes of paradise, make Fažana a valuable tourist destination. A visit to the fishing museum, a tour of the Fažana fish market, a break on a bench by the sea, a view of the nearby Brijuni or a delicious specialty on a plate of one of the Fažana restaurants, will imprint a unique collection of paintings in your memory.

Sports and recreation

Fazana is an ideal place for cycling tours. As much as 12 kilometers long Fažana bicycle path, allows a recreational journey through the abundance of fragrant Mediterranean plants. Lovers of walks, along the 4-kilometer-long promenade by the sea, have the opportunity to meet closely with the unique landscape of the coast.
There are also tennis courts, a small basketball, football and volleyball court, paragliding, jet skiing, and many other water and land sports. In the special atmosphere of Brijuni, where there is a golf course with 18 holes, on an area of ​​5850 m2, golfers will be able to enjoy.


In the summer months, the Fažana waterfront becomes an open stage for various events, both entertainment, culinary and educational. Among the more attractive events are; Fažana Night, Sardine Festival, Cuisine Festival, Fažana Dance and Roman Valbandon.

Numerous restaurants offer top Istrian dishes and wines, and since each restaurant offers its own house specialty, gourmets will be able to enjoy both traditional dishes and dishes accompanied by innovative gastronomic style, which combines tradition and unusual ingredients.


Pebble and concrete beaches can be enjoyed in Fažana. We emphasize the beach “Children’s playground”, which is adapted for the disabled and enriched with facilities for children. The “Blue Flag”, which is flown there, is a recognizable international sign of exceptional quality and purity of the sea.


Ancient Roman villa in Valbandon – a historical site near Fažana. Church of St. Cosmas and Damian – parish church in the center of Fažana, from the 15th century, located at the lowest altitude in Istria, only one meter from sea level. Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Carmel – a small historic church, not far from the church of St. Cosmas and Damian, whose interior is adorned with biblical themes, graffiti of the Greek alphabet, frescoes, and a particularly interesting statue of the Mother of God with a child, from the 15th century. Kastrum – an old historical settlement, located on the Brijuni Islands. Church of St. Marija – three-nave church, built at the turn of the 5th-6th c. century, built by the inhabitants of historic Kostrum


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