The panorama of Fazana’s channel and Brijuni Islands

manje_0000_73453671Fažana is a place of long-time fishing tradition and homely atmosphere, that to visitors is provided by hospitable inhabitants. The former factory for processing and preserving sardines has left its mark in the culinary sector, so the local inhabitants can prepare them in a hundred ways, and today they celebrate its value with the “Sardinian Fiesta” each year in August.
Along the long Fazana’s promenade has stepped many famous people, such as Thomas Mann, Indira Ghandi, Queen Elizabeth II, Naomi Campbell, Placida Domingo and many others.
Today’s long seashore with numerous restaurants, custom beaches, vibrancy of the fishing port, typical Mediterranean landscape, vineyards, olive groves and fruit plants, and the vicinity of the Brijuni National Park, which is often named as heaven on Earth, make Fažana a valuable tourist destination.
A visit to the Fishermen’s Museum or Fažana Fish Market,take a break at the bench ,by the sea with a view of the nearby Brijuni or a delicious specialty on the plate of one of Fažana’s restaurants, will imprint in your memory a unique collection of images.

Sport and recreation

Fazana is an ideal place for biking tours. A 12-kilometer-long Fažana biking trail allows a recreational journey through the abundance of fragrant Mediterranean plants. Walking lovers, along a 4-kilometer long promenade by the sea, have the opportunity to have a close encounter with the unique landscape of the coast.
There are also tennis courts, a little basketball, football and volleyball court, flying paragliding, jet skiing, and many other water and land sports.
In the special atmosphere of Brijuni, golfers can enjoy on an area of 5850 m2 a golf game with 18 holes.

Pleasure time

The Fažana’s shore in the summer months becomes an open stage of various manifestations: entertaining, culinary, and educational. The most attractive events are Fažana’s night, Festival of sardines, Cooking feast, Fažanas’s dance and Roman Valbandon.
Numerous catering facilities offer excellent Istrian dishes and wines, and since that each restaurant offers its own specialty, the gourmets will be able to enjoy the traditional dishes, as well as dishes accompanied by an innovative gastronomic style that combines tradition and unusual ingredients.


In Fažana you can enjoy pebbly and concrete beaches. The main beach is called “Children’s playground” that is adapted for disabled people and enriched with children’s facilities. The “Blue Flag”, which stands out there, is a recognizable international symbol of distinctive quality and purity of the sea.


There are various sights: the old roman villa in Valbandon – a historical site near Fazana, the church of Ss. Cosmas and Damian – parish church in the center of Fažana, dated in the 15th century, located at the lowest altitude in Istria, only one meter from the sea level, the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Carmel – a small historic church, not far from the church of Ss. Cosmas and Damian, whose interior is rich of biblical themes, graffiti Greek letters, frescoes, and a particularly interesting statue of Mother of God with Child from the 15th century. Kastrum – an old historical settlement, located in Brijuni Island, the church of St. Mary – a three-nave church, built in the 5th – 6th. century, by the inhabitants of the historic Kastrum

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